Water and Environment Technology Conference 2024(WET2024、2024年7月20-21日、岡山大学)にて以下の研究発表が行われます。

Assessing human health burden linked to wastewater recycling and reuse implementing the life cycle assessment and quantitative microbial risk assessment tools
Jarin Tasnim Heia, Shuhei Masuda, Mohammed Engha Isah, Kazuyo Matsubae, , Daisuke Sano

Time-series forecasting of COVID-19 case number based on amplicon-based diversity indices from wastewater
Marcus Joseph Sanchez, Yilei Wang, Yubing Li, Luyao Wang, Daisuke Sano

Impact of ZnO powder on bBiofilm formation and conjugation frequency of isolated Enterobacter bugandensis DSM 101087
Katayoun Dadeh Amirfard, Satoru Suzuki, Daisuke Sano

Water temperature prediction in Japanese dam reservoirs for drinking water supply
Masaki Sagehashi, Yohei Miura, Daisuke Sano, Osamu Nishimura, Hiroomi Imamoto, Yasuhiro Aasada, Michihiro Akiba

You can find details of WET2024 from the following link: https://www.jswe.or.jp/extra/wet2024/index.html