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Yohei MIURA Research Topic Construction of prediction models for predicting the algal bloom occurrence in dam reservoirs Research Abstract Dam reservoirs are essential water resources for water supply, but algal blooms, the rapid increase of algae, have been confirmed in many reservoirs in the world. Some algae can produce toxic substances and the algal scum may inhibit the process of…


Kanki WATANABE Research Topic Development of a predictive model for the deterioration of sewage pipelines based on the quantification of specific genetic markers Research Abstract Based on the SDG6, water infrastructure is being implemented around the world. It is essential that the introduction of sustainable water supply and sewage systems be accompanied by appropriate asset management. Currently, however, the main…


Ren SUZUKI Research Topic Construction of regularized regression model for chlorine disinfection of rotavirus in secondary treated wastewater Research Abstract Reuse of treated wastewater is one of the promising options to solve water shortages. Water-borne viruses which can remain in secondary treated wastewater need to be sufficiently inactivated. Log-reduction values of virus is determined by disinfection intensity; however, disinfection efficiency…


Shun TAKAYAMA Research Topic Quantitative microbial risk assessment for antibiotic pathogenic bacteria via hydroponically grown vegetable Research Abstract Hydroponics is a cultivation method using nutrient solutions instead of soil. Since hydroponics continuously provides an optimal environment for vegetables and requires less water and land, it is expected to be actively utilized in countries that are working to improve food self-sufficiency.…


Momoko MORIYAMA Research Topic Transmission efficiency of antibiotic resistance genes in water environment Research Abstract A marine bacterial strain carrying the multi antimicrobial resistance plasmid  was used as a donor, and Escherichia coli and sewage-derived strains were used as recipient bacteria to evaluate the transfer efficiency of antimicrobial resistance genes (ARGs) under aquatic environmental conditions. Conference Presentation Environmental factors that affect the…


Koki KIMURA 電話番号:+81- FAX番号:+81- e-mail: 出身高校: Research Topic TBD 研究内容 TBD


Syota YASHIMA Research Topic Prediction of algal bloom in semi-closed water environment


Kei KURIHARA, B4 Research topic Pathogen removal in artificial wetlands

Chihiro KONUMA

Chihiro Konuma Research topic Antibiotic resistance factors in water environments


Yusuke KOJIMA, M2 Phone:+81- Fax:+81- e-mail: Research Topic Identification of the genes for producing histo-blood group antigen-like substances of Enterobacter cloacae SENG-6 Research Abstract TBD


Ikuo Kato, M2 Phone:+81- Fax:+81- e-mail: Research Topic Natural decay rate of enteric viruses Research Abstract TBD Presentations Model development of natural decay of waterborne viruses in water environments Ikuo Kato, Mohan Amarasiri, Daisuke Sano Tohoku University Environmental Studies Seminar 2018 in Institut Teknologi Bandung Dec. 19, 2018, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia