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Marcus Sanchez Research Topic TBD Research Abstract TBD


Jarin Tasnim Research Topic TBD Research Abstract


Hiroki KOYAMA Research Topic Construction of prediction models for the emergence of less-sensitive populations of enveloped viruses to disinfection Research Abstract Human society has experienced outbrakes of viral infectious disesaes as like ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2, which have a significant impact on human health and life. It is well known that virus populations have high genetic diversity…

Takehito IIZUKA

Takehito IIZUKA Research Topic Construction of prediction model for COVID-19 cases based on causal relationship Research Abstract COVID-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2 has caused a massive outbreak worldwide, and infections are regularly increased in Japan also. Forecasting COVID-19 cases could be one of the guidelines for employing countermeasures and actions to prevent an increase in the number of new infections. For…

Yu-bing LI

Yu-bing Li Research Topic Modeling of virus inactivation rate in natural water environments Research Abstract Viruses in treated/untreated wastewater are discharged to nature waterbody and could be transmitted through water, which raises public health concern. The inactivation rate of viruses in the natural water environments is an important factor to determine the human health risks in water usage, but related…


Shun TAKAYAMA Research Topic TBD Research Abstract TBD


Ayano YAMAZAKI Research Topic TBD Research Abstract TBD


Momoko MORIYAMA Research Topic Transmission efficiency of antibiotic resistance genes in water environment Research Abstract A marine bacterial strain carrying the multi antimicrobial resistance plasmid  was used as a donor, and Escherichia coli and sewage-derived strains were used as recipient bacteria to evaluate the transfer efficiency of antimicrobial resistance genes (ARGs) under aquatic environmental conditions. Conference Presentation Environmental factors that affect the…


Yohei MIURA Research Topic Construction of prediction models for predicting the algal bloom occurrence in dam reservoirs Research Abstract Dam reservoirs are essential water resources for water supply, but algal blooms, the rapid increase of algae, have been confirmed in many reservoirs in the world. Some algae can produce toxic substances and the algal scum may inhibit the process of…