YiLei Wang

Research Topic

Biosensor development for the detection of infectious disease biomarkers in wastewater

Research Abstract

Wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) has emerged as a powerful tool for monitoring of community health status through the analysis of a variety of biomarkers in wastewater, however, there are several barriers for WBE implementation, including signficant labor and cost. A rapid on-site detection tool is needed to evaluate wastewater for timely intervention in epidemics. Biosenser technology is considered to have a great potential in realizing real-time WBE due to its fast response, ease of use, and low cost. This research is dedicated to the development of a biosensor that can monitor the concentration of biomarkers in wastewater to evaluate the community health status.

Academic Background

  • Sept.2018-Jun.2022: Bachelor of Water supply and drainage science and engineering, Xi’an University of Technology and Architecture, Xi’an, China