Yu-bing Li

Research Topic

Modeling of virus inactivation rate in natural water environments

Research Abstract

Viruses in treated/untreated wastewater are discharged to nature waterbody and could be transmitted through water, which raises public health concern. The inactivation rate of viruses in the natural water environments is an important factor to determine the human health risks in water usage, but related information, such as factors that can affect the inactivation rate, is very limitted. In this study, virus inactivation in water environments is going to be modeled, in which multiple environmental parameters are included as explanatory variables.

Academic Background

Sept.2017-Jun.2021 Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, Xi’an University of Technology and Architecture, Xi’an, China

Academic Papers

  1. Effect of carrier alkali erosion on microwave catalytic combustion of toluene with CuMnCeOx/cordirite
    Yubing Li, Wanyi Tao, Mingzhe Liu, Longli Bo
    Chinese Journal of Environmental Engineering, 2022, 16(1), 173-181.