Putri Shafa Kamila

Research Topic

Experimental adaptation of murine norovirus to uncharged ammonia exposure

Research Abstract

Global health system has evolved throughout the time and it has done much to provide protection to human health. However, the world is still burdened by the emerging and expanding infectious disease threats. The risks vary in terms of severity and probability, therefore prevention action, such as disinfection process, also plays an important role to control the transmission of infectious agents. Several studies found that virus, as one of infectious agents, has different susceptibility against disinfectants. In addition, repeated exposure to disinfection agents in certain virus populations is possible to increase its adaptive capability.

The aim of this study is to examine adaptation of norovirus (NoV) to uncharged ammonia. Human norovirus (HuNoV) is the major cause of gastroenteritis outbreaks, especially in children. These viruses are transmitted through multiple routes, primarily the fecal-oral route. Furthermore, previous studies investigated that uncharged ammonia effectively acts as in-situ disinfectant since it is contained in human excreta and urine. On the other hand, currently, there has not been any specific study that evaluates the efficacy and mechanism of uncharged ammonia in inactivating NoV. Hence, determining the inactivation effectivity and mechanism is necessary before examining the alteration method of NoV to uncharged ammonia exposure. Understanding all of this is prominent in order to lower the risk of infectious diseases and discover the most applicable disinfection strategy.

Academic Backgrounds

2017-2021 Institut Teknologi Bandung – Environmental Engineering

Academic Papers

Kamila, P. S. and Salami, I. R. S. (2022). IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci., 1065, 012039. DOI: 10.1088/1755-1315/1065/1/012039

Conference Presentations

  1. Study of Clean Water and Sanitation Access and Its Relationship to Waterborne and Stunting Prevalence in Bandung Regency
    Putri Shafa Kamila, Indah Rachmatiah Siti Salami
    4th International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure and Built Environment (SIBE)
    Bandung, Indonesia (March 8-9, 2022)


  1. Dean’s List Semester II 2018/2019
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  4. Youngest Graduate of Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Institut Teknologi Bandung in October 2021 Graduation Period