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Research Topic

Effect of membrane filtration on the infection risk of premise plumbing pathogens in decentralized water systems

Research outline

The decentralized water system, which is a small-scale water distribution system, is often the only feasible option for some rural areas, but the health of users of the decentralized system need to be properly protected from waterborne infectious pathogens. In this research, the infection risks of two premise plumbing pathogens, Legionella sp and Non-tuberculouse Mycobacterium, in a decentralized water system are calculated using Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) framework. The introduction effect of membrane filtration that potentially can remove the pathogens is also studied, which will contribute to the better management of infection risks.

Conference Presentations

  1. Evaluation of microbial health risks caused by the usage of river water for a decentralized drinking water system
    Arief Nurul Umam, Syun-suke Kadoya, Mohan Amarasiri, Daisuke Sano
    23rd JSWE Symposium (Sep. 9-10, 2020, Online)
  2. Human health risk of Legionella pneumophila infection caused by the groundwater usage in a decentralized drinking water system
    Arief Nurul Umam, Mohan Amarasiri, Daisuke Sano
    7th International Symposium on Water Environment Systems
    Nov 15, 2019, Tohoku University, Japan
  3. Quantitative microbial risk assessment for users of a decentralized drinking water system(Poster presentation)
    Arief Nurul Umam, Mohan Amarasiri, Daisuke Sano
    The 6th Symposium for Environmental Water Quality Engineering
    June 22, 2019, Iwate University, Morioka, Iwate, Japan