Sagitaningtyas Susanti Utami

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Research topic

The Effects of Environmental Education Program on Students’ Engagement in Sustainable Waste Management Behaviors

Research abstract

Waste is a common issue in the world and affects every human being and every ecosystem. Mismanagement and community waste ignorance would worsen the environmental effects of waste in the future. Since the environmental education program in Indonesia in 2015, there is less of a study to measure quantitatively the impact of the program on students’ engagement, especially in sustainable waste management behaviors. This study would like to find out how important the influence of the environmental education program on students’ engagement in sustainable waste management behaviors. Furthermore, It would like to give a contribution to the program based on the review of the study results and analysis. This research used questionnaires to take the data of Students. In addition to this, the number of participants was 1,044 students from Adiwiyata and Non-Adiwiyata Schools in Indonesia. In the model development, data processing based on Structural Equation Modeling using SmartPLS v3.2.8.

 Academic backgrounds